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Roughly 3 months ago! 2 Weeks from Tuesday!!!

#PearlJam FTW!

Twilight Zone SNL (with Jude Law and Pearl Jam)

Makes me cry, every time. I know it’s coming, BUT just hope I can make some kind of difference in-between.

Two great tastes go great together!

Gwen Stefani & Sting - Message In A Bottle | Global Citizen Festival

A week from Friday. w00t! @ Iron City, B’ham, AL!

Love these guys! Pop music is alive and it is called Fitz & The Tantrums :)

You wanted Led Zeppelin, but this was the best we had in 1987 ;OP

Whitesnake Still of the Night Live 1987

Ultimate POP! Love this song!

Fitz And The Tantrums “Spark” Guitar Center Sessions on DIRECTV

Fitz & The Tantrums - Spark (Dream Sequence)

Seeing them in two weeks in B’ham! w00t!

If you have ever wanted to head bang for no reason whatsoever -insert lyrics here- **It happens.

So I was working on some new ideas and started down a more “metal” kind of thing and then I laid the bass down on the chorus…

Jamup! Pro, Audiobus, and Garageband. All iPad, all the time!

And a nod to Elton John for infecting my “metal song” with “Saturday Night.”