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If you have ever wanted to head bang for no reason whatsoever -insert lyrics here- **It happens.

So I was working on some new ideas and started down a more “metal” kind of thing and then I laid the bass down on the chorus…

Jamup! Pro, Audiobus, and Garageband. All iPad, all the time!

And a nod to Elton John for infecting my “metal song” with “Saturday Night.”

word. (werd. for the southern folk.)

Jay-Z and Pearl Jam - 99 Problems (Official Audio)

A very British cover! (I was there. :)

Pearl Jam ft. Dhani Harrison - Rain (Beatles Cover) - Milton Keynes Bowl…

I know I have probably shared this before, but FUCK! it’s a m’fer Beatle stepping into Kurt Cobain’s slot. Holy Shit! Awesome.

Nirvana & Paul McCartney - Cut Me Some Slack [Live] [HD 720p]

U2: Apple Watch Edition! (Not necessarily a bad thing!)

Apple - Echoes

If you have ever wanted to forget about that other stuff and just. Then this is the instrumental for you! -insert lyrics here- **It happens.

Just thinking…

Probably another guitar part to add. Definitely a spoken word part to come.

Have you ever wanted to tell someone that there political rantings are bullshit? Well this is the instrumental for you. -insert lyrics here- **It Happens.

My cousin, sharkdriver2k3 on SoundCloud and @NoobyDrood on Twitter, came in town with his bass and this happened.

All iPad. All the time!

Still iffy on the title, but pretty much set on the arrangement. Excelsior!

Changed name to “shattered jaw.”

Have you ever had a real one-way love at first sight kind of experience? Well, this is the instrumental for you. -insert lyrics here- **It happens.

All iPad all the time. Stratocaster (Domonique), Fender Pawn Shop ‘51 (Blondie), Dean Bass (never have named her), Jamup! Pro, Musix Pro, Alchemy, Garageband for iOS, and of course Audiobus.

Wish there was more to the story.

Back in the day… (Right about the time I bought my first iPOD!)

While I’m charging…😍#jamstik

While I’m charging…😍#jamstik